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About Us

Our Mission
1. Pray for the conversion of heart of all associated with
    Planned Parenthood and its clients.
 2.Educate the public on all of the evil, morally corrupt, 
    and dangerous practices of Planned Parenthood.
3. Protect the innocence of youth from the sexual indoctrination and temptations promoted by Planned 
4. Educate the public on the intrinsic evil of abortion and artificial contraception.

Our Values
1. Every human being has inestimable intrinsic value because each human being is made in the image
    and likeness of God, and therefore, has an inalienable right to life.
2. Sexuality is a gift from God and should be used in accordance with His will.
3. Authentic Marriage is monogamous and between one man and one woman, and it should always be
    open to life.
4. Family is the foundation of a society and, through its unity, should be a reflection of the Trinity
    and the Holy Family.
5. The innocence of youth must be protected in order for them to live chastity according to their state in
    be life, which greatly assists them in being open to God’s call for their vocation.
6. Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman within marriage.
    Conjugal love,morally speaking, is both procreative and unitive in nature. Because artificial
    contraception blocks the procreative nature of conjugal love, it is disordered and therefore
    intrinsically evil.
Our Principles
1. The battle against abortion is first and foremost a spiritual battle and we place ourselves under the
    leadership of Almighty God.
2. We recognize the Holy Spirit as the Lord and giver of life.
3. We dedicate our efforts to Our Blessed Mother. Since Mary was chosen by God to bring the new life
    of our Savior, Jesus Christ, into a fallen world, we look to her to intercede for us as we pray for the
    openness to minister in such a way that God will work through us to restore society’s recognition of
    the dignity of human persons as created in His image and likeness.
4. We will conduct our efforts prayerfully, courageously, and peacefully but not quietly, humbly
    recognizing that we are merely instruments in God’s hands.
5. We will promote the truth that, physically speaking, human life begins at conception and continues
    until natural death. However, the origin of each human person lies in the Triune God before time.
6. We are obligated to protect the innocence of all children and to support the unity 
    of families.
7. We must expose the evil of using artificial contraception, especially the correlation between
    contraceptive use by youth and increased premarital sexual activity and promiscuity.